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Price, price is everyone’s concern. Please note that our company is custom made clothing, the price depends on your request, design, quantity, all the details. The price is the key question, but in fact, the price should be the last step in the calculation, not your first email asking for the price.

MOQ, many entrepreneurs care about this issue. However, I hope you don’t worry too much about this problem, it’s the factory’s problem, whether it’s 10 pieces or 100k pieces, what you have to do is just tell the factory your actual needs. Whether you can do it or not depends to a large extent on your design and requirements. It is not impossible to do it in small quantities, but it is very troublesome and expensive. You’re willing to pay, no problem with the factory.

Samples, very important, are an opportunity for the factory to directly display to customers. For customers, it is possible to inspect quality, size, fabric. This is the prelude to placing an order. There is no problem with samples, if my factory has stock, I am willing to provide samples for free, customers only need to provide shipping, because shipping is expensive, a T-shirt is $3, and shipping is $30. If the sample needs to be produced according to the customer’s requirements, the customer needs to pay the sample fee, which is about 80-100 US dollars. I need about 10 days to schedule production samples.

We accept various payment methods. Cash & T/T  & L/C & PayPal & Western union & Alipay & Applepay Etc

Should refer to our advantage, we can accept small batch customization.
Of course, we also welcome large orders, and for large orders, our price has an advantage. There are millions of garment factories in China, I personally think our price is still very attractive, we can make T-shirts for $1, we can do anything.

Usually, general international trade is shipped by sea. Shipping prices are relatively cheap. If the mainland borders, it can also be shipped by land, and the Eurasian railway is also an option. For small batch customers, air freight and express delivery can also be used. time is good, but expensive. We provide a variety of shipping methods and can handle customs clearance issues for novice sellers. You just need to wait at home and the goods will be delivered to your door automatically.

Our main products are knitted garments, such as T-shirts, polo shirts, sweaters, hoodies, sweatpants. We can also produce woven products such as chiffon skirts, flannel shirts, trench jackets. We can also produce simple items such as blankets, hijabs, arabesques and more. Any product that needs to be sewn.

sure. Clothing customization and production is actually a relatively complicated job. The whole process is very long. It takes at least 2 months for new products. In fact, no matter what the problem is, I hope to communicate more, thank you

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